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What happens if I’m unhappy with the final manuscript?

The dream of seeing your name on a book cover can be exhilarating. However, embarking on the writing journey can also raise concerns, especially when collaborating with an affordable ghostwriting service. One question that often surfaces is: “What happens if I’m unhappy with the final manuscript?”

While the collaborative nature of affordable ghostwriting services strives to ensure your vision comes to life, there’s always a chance that revisions might not fully address your concerns. This guide explores how affordable ghostwriting services handle such situations and what steps you can take to maintain creative control throughout the process.

Open Communication: The Foundation for Trust

The cornerstone of any successful collaboration is open and honest communication. Affordable ghostwriting services prioritize this throughout the writing process, creating a safe space for you to express your thoughts and concerns. Here’s how communication helps:

  • Clearly Defined Expectations:

    From the outset, discuss your vision for the story, desired tone, and character development. This sets clear expectations for both you and the ghostwriter, minimizing potential misunderstandings later on.

  • Regular Check-Ins:

    Affordable ghostwriting services typically schedule regular check-ins throughout the writing process. These meetings provide an opportunity to discuss progress, raise any concerns you might have, and ensure the manuscript aligns with your vision.

  • Feedback Loops:

    Revisions are an integral part of affordable ghostwriting services. After each draft, the ghostwriter will share their edits and provide you with space to offer feedback. Use this opportunity to highlight areas you feel need further refinement.

Addressing Concerns: A Collaborative Approach

If, after revisions, you’re still unhappy with specific aspects of the final manuscript, there are steps you can take to address your concerns:

  • Clearly Articulate Your Discontent:

    Be clear and specific about the elements that disappoint you. Do certain characters lack depth? Does the plot feel rushed? Pinpointing specific areas allows the ghostwriter to understand your concerns and tailor the next round of revisions accordingly.

  • Focus on Solutions:

    Instead of simply expressing dissatisfaction, offer suggestions for improvement. Do you have a specific direction you envision for a particular scene? Providing solutions demonstrates your creative voice and helps the ghostwriter collaborate with you to achieve your desired outcome.

  • Utilize Communication Channels:

    Most affordable ghostwriting services have established communication channels for feedback, This might involve email threads, online editing tools, or video conference calls. Utilize these channels to clearly articulate your concerns and engage in a constructive dialogue.

Revision Policies: Understanding Your Rights

Affordable ghostwriting services typically have clear revision policies outlined in their contract. Understanding these policies is crucial:

  • Number of Revisions:

    Contracts typically specify the number of revision rounds included in the service package. While some offer a set number, others provide a flexible approach. If you require additional revisions beyond the allocated rounds, there may be additional fees to consider.

  • Turnaround Time for Revisions:

    Understand how long it takes for the ghostwriter to complete each revision round. This helps you manage your expectations and ensures the editing process doesn’t stall your project’s progress.

  • Scope of Revisions:

    Be mindful of the agreed-upon scope of revisions. While revisions address specific areas for improvement, they typically don’t involve a complete rewrite of the manuscript from scratch.

Seeking Resolution: When Negotiations Are Necessary

In rare instances, despite clear communication and collaborative revisions, concerns might remain unaddressed. If this happens, there are a few options to consider:

  • Mediation:

    Some ghostwriting services offer mediation services to help you and the ghostwriter reach a mutually agreeable solution. A mediator, often a neutral third party, can facilitate a productive conversation and guide you towards a compromise.

  • Termination of Contract:

    As a last resort, if negotiations seem futile, you may have the right to terminate the contract based on the terms outlined within it. This might come with specific clauses regarding compensation for work completed.

Minimizing Dissatisfaction: Proactive Measures

While open communication and revision policies are crucial, there are proactive steps you can take to minimize the possibility of dissatisfaction:

  • Thorough Research:

    Choose a reputable affordable ghostwriting service with a proven track record and positive client feedback. Look for reviews from authors in your chosen genre, like those who have successfully published works with Fantasy Book Publishers.

  • Clear Project Definition:

    Before signing a contract, ensure a clear understanding of the project scope. This includes outlining the timeline, expectations for revisions, and your editorial control throughout the process.

  • Sample Writing Request:

    Many affordable ghostwriting services offer writing samples showcasing the skills of their writers. Request samples within your chosen genre to assess the writer’s style and ensure their voice aligns with your vision for the story. This can help identify potential stylistic clashes early on.

    Beyond the Final Manuscript: Additional Considerations with Affordable Ghostwriting Services

    While addressing concerns regarding the final manuscript is important, there are other considerations to keep in mind with affordable ghostwriting services:

    • Intellectual Property Rights:

      Ensure the contract clearly outlines intellectual property rights. The final manuscript belongs to you, and the ghostwriter typically sells their writing service, not ownership of the story.

    • Payment Schedule:

      Understand the payment schedule outlined in the contract. Some services require upfront payment, while others allow for staged payments based on milestones, such as completion of drafts or revision rounds. Negotiate a payment plan that aligns with your budget and ensures transparency throughout the process.

    • Termination Clause:

      Besides terminating the contract due to unaddressed concerns, understand the clauses surrounding termination based on other factors. This could include a breach of contract or unforeseen circumstances that prevent completion of the project.


    Affordable ghostwriting services can be a valuable tool in your journey towards becoming a published author. By prioritizing open communication, understanding revision policies, and taking proactive measures, you can minimize the risk of dissatisfaction and ensure your creative vision shines through. Remember, the best affordable ghostwriting services view the author-ghostwriter relationship as a collaboration, working with you to transform your idea into a compelling manuscript that captivates readers and potentially lands a coveted spot with publishers like Fantasy Book Publishers. Embrace the collaborative process, voice your concerns clearly, and embark on a rewarding journey towards publishing your masterpiece.

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